Sunrise on the Beach (Tossa de Mar, Catalonia)

There is nothing more enjoyable than a watching a sunrise, even better if you can do it from an idyllic place like Tossa de Mar. That morning I had to get up so early to get there with enough time to capture this photo. However, being at the beach with the constant sound of the sea and looking at that gorgeous sky was a great reward; doing that trip was totally worth it.

There was not a lot of people on the streets, but a few ones were taking advantage of the nice day to stroll along the beach. Completely different form a summer day, when the city is full of tourist enjoying the beach and walking inside the walls of the city.

Tossa de Mar is a small village in la Comarca de la Selva, in the Girona province. It is well known for its beaches, inlets, and the walled city. But the truth is that its history is much older. There are vestiges of the prehistoric era, and there is also the remains the Roman villa dels Atmetllers.

If you ever visit Catalonia, or the Costa Brava make sure that you stop at Tossa; you will not be disappointed. By the way, which is your favorite beach in Costa Brava?

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