Salt de Can Batlle (Santa Pau, Catalonia)

During the last year it has  been raining a lot in Catalonia, maybe not as much as when I was younger but enough to fill rivers and creeks. This is why I decided to visit a route throw different river pools and waterfalls around Santa Pau, a medieval village in the Garrotxa region. It is an easy path, perfect to share with all the family, and with some beautiful spots along the way.

It was a cold morning, but it was worthwhile, on this photograph you can see “El Salt de Can Batlle”; I took it from the bridge that goes directly to the farm that gives the name to this waterfall. I got there at midmorning but the place is behind a hill, and sun was starting to appear at that moment.

It is an amazing place, so  beautiful. During a few minutes I did nothing more than relax and enjoy the views. I always loved the sound of a waterfall and looking at the water running between the rocks could be almost a hypnotic  experience.

In fact, I’m looking forward to repeat this visit on summer, I bet that it will be a nice place to take quick dip and lie down!

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