When I was young, my parents gave me a camera. Every occasion became an opportunity to use it: at home, on vacation, when we went out with friends. However, over time, I gradually abandoned it and replaced it with another of my great passions, computers. Nevertheless, with the arrival of digital cameras, I quickly resumed my interest in this great pursuit. 

Back in 2005, while in Sydney for work, a friend showed me what a good DSLR can do. I could not resist, and shortly after, I had a new camera. A few months later, the same friend let me try a macro lens, leading me to photography’s most creative side. 

Over time, I tried different paths, and you will find many different kinds of pictures by exploring my galleries.

I started doing a lot of macro photography. I loved playing with liquids and high-speed photography, flowers, etc.

Another of my first projects was the ‘Toys and Fine Art images. There I channeled my passion for fantasy literature, role-playing games, and my beloved macro lens to capture imaginary worlds comprised of miniature figures. That was my first big step into the world of Fine Art Photography. 

However, my true passion is discovering and sharing new places with you through my photographs; you will find many examples in my Portfolio.