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When I was very young, my parents gave me a camera for my first communion. Every occasion became an opportunity to use it: at home, on vacation, when we went out with friends. But over time, I gradually abandoned it and replaced it with another one of my great passions, computers.

With the arrival of digital cameras, however, I quickly resumed my interest in this marvelous pursuit, but it was not until recently that I began to take photography more seriously.

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While in Sydney for work, I was able, thanks to a friend, to see up close what a good DSLR consists of. I could not resist, and shortly after returning home, I had a new camera in hand. A few months later, the same friend let me try a macro lens, and since then I have been unable to stop. To that end, I discovered a new, much more artistic side. Photography was no longer just about taking pictures; I expressed my view of the world through my camera.

Overtime, I had tried different paths with my camera; and if you explore my online galleries you will very different kinds of photos. I started doing a lot of macro photography and I loved playing with liquids and high speed photography to capture photos like the ones you can find on the ‘Liquid Drop Art’ gallery. Another of my first projects was the ‘My Fantasy World’ images, in which I channeled my passion for fantasy literature, role-playing games and my beloved macro lens to capture imaginary worlds comprised of miniature figures.

However, my true passion is about discovering new places and share them with you thought my photograph. You can find most of my work in ‘The World in HDR’ gallery, the ‘Trees and Forest’ gallery, and if you prefer a more abstract view of the world you can not miss the ‘Blurred Worlds’ gallery.

The Mission

My mission is to help all lovers of art, photography, and decoration to enhance and brighten their environment, as well as that of their loved ones, with the help of my photographs. To this end, I have a variety of products, such as prints on paper, canvas, metal, and wallpaper, which you can download for free.

I also intend to help all those who would like to improve their photographic skills. To that end, I publish a variety of articles and tutorials that focus on learning different techniques and further developing your photographic skills.

The Website

This website aims to display my most artistic photos. In the galleries, you will find a selection of the most stunning images. In addition to different types of prints, most of my work is available as wallpapers, all of which are available in a wide range of resolutions, to best fit your personal computer, tablet, or smart phone.

In the articles section, you will find extensive descriptions of how to complete various photo projects, including inspiration images, tips, and step-by-step instructions. The articles also contain advice and tips on how to use a camera professionally.

Almost every week I will add new photos, and new articles regarding the world of photography and art. If you like it, you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed and to receive unique offers for subscribers.

Copyright of Our Images

I believe that art is something worth sharing and should not be kept in a place where only a select few may enjoy it. This is the main reason I provide my images as free wallpapers, so they can be shared and enjoyed.
All photos are available under the following two license types:

“Creative Commons” License

You are free to use any of my images, with the following restrictions:

  • Recognition: All uses require attribution of authorship, in this case ‘Marc Garrido Clotet‘ or our website (https://www.marcgcphotography.com).
  • Non-commercial use: You can only use the images for non-commercial purposes.
  • You can use my images to create derivative works, but must distribute them under the same ‘Creative Commons’ license.

“Rights Managed” License

Any use not covered in the previous license must be authorized beforehand by ‘Marc G.C. Photography‘ and may be subject to a fee. For more information, contact me directly and I’ll  be happy to discuss the options with you.