Walking Through La Grevolosa (Sant Pere de Torelló, Catalonia)

This was the first sight I had on my arrival to the Grevolosa forest; the feeling of calm that came to me at the gates of this old-growth forest was overwhelming. I had to stop, I got my camera ready, and I took this picture at that very moment.

La Grevolosa it is one of the most spectacular beech forest in Catalonia; it is located in the Llancers mountains range, in the Barcelona province. It is not large but some of the trees are taller than 40 meters; there is plenty of hundred-year-old trees, and it has a few monumental beeches that are more than 300 years old.

This photo if from a few months ago, but I’m willing to go back in the next days to see the place dressed up with the yellow colors of the incoming fall. By the way, did you know that regular visits to old-growth forest can be beneficial for your health?

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