The Backyard of Girona Cathedral (Catalonia)


The surroundings of the Girona Cathedral are always quite busy; and it was a delightful surprise to discover this small and quiet park on its backyard. It is called “Els Jardins de la Francesa” (The Gardens of the French Woman); and without a doubt, the perfect place to sit, relax, and enjoy the moment!

This is an old photograph, but today I realized that the next edition of “Temps de Flors” it is almost here, and moved be a certain degree of nostalgia, I have started to review some of the photos I toke on my last visits to this beautiful city. After that, deciding which photograph I was going to publish today it has not been a hard choice.

By the way, have you ever been in Girona during “Temps de Flors”? It is quite an experience. A unique flower festival featuring an array of flower and plant-based installations set up across the historical city center.

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