Sant Martí del Corb (Les Preses, Catalonia)

I recently visited Sant Martí del Corb, a small Romanesque church with a single nave and a semicircular apse located near a large farmhouse, l’Antiga. It belongs to Les Preses, a small town in la Garrotxa region.

This was the first stop on a 10 kilometers route around el Corb Mountains. I arrived there after walking less than a kilometer but I got fascinated for the place and I decided to stay there for a while. I obviously took some photos, and after that I sat there for a long time; I really wanted to enjoy the calm and tranquility of the place.

The forest was full of small birds that didn’t stop singing and moving from one tree to another. It was also the constant and relaxing sound of the water spring located on one side of the hermitage. And that was all, I couldn’t hear anything else! Not the sound of a distant car, or any other sign of our busy lives.

By the way, at this time of the year the trees were showing a new set of green leaves, but I’m looking forward to revisiting the zone at fall. I really like the idea of taking another photo if this little church with a different background. I’m sure that with the yellow and red tones of the season it will look like a totally different place.

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