Santa Cova de Montserrat (Catalonia)


This weekend I decided to visit The Mountains of Montserrat; many people go there only to visit the Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat but the mountain offers a lot more than that. In this case, due to a tight schedule a did a quick visit to the abbey and then I went to “The Santa Cova” (The Holy Cave). It’s nor from the abbey but it gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy nature.

It was here where it was found the Black Virgin of Montserrat (“La Moreneta” in Catalan). According to the legend, shepherds discovered the statue in 880 AD; they saw a bright light and heard heavenly music that eventually led them to a grotto and the statue.

Montserrat is a rocky range near Barcelona, at can be seen from far and it is one of most visited landmarks in Catalonia. If you have the opportunity I will recommend you do the trip; start visiting the abbey but do not forget to enjoy the mountain itself. There are many paths with excellent views between peaks.

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