Panoramic View of Rupit i Pruit (Catalonia)

I have already published many photos taken in Rupit, but I was cleaning up my photo library when I found this panorama of this fantastic medieval town and I could not resist to share it with you.

The town is an authentic jewel, strolling around the narrow stone streets and looking to the ancient buildings is only one of the many things you will enjoy. There is also The Hanging Bridge, passing through it is quite an experience and it has become one of the village landmarks. And do not forget to visit any of many great restaurants scattered around the town; you will be able to enjoy a variety of traditional Catalan meals.

Would you like to visit this town? Rupit is located in the Collsacabra region, not far from Barcelona and it’s worth spending one day visiting the town and its beautiful surroundings. If you are visiting Catalonia do not forget to save some time for a day trip.

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