Martinet Creek (Aiguafreda, Catalonia)

I few days ago I was visiting “La Riera de Martinet”. The creek is located in the Aiguafreda limits, a small village in the Barcelona province near the Montseny Natural Park in Catalonia.

I knew that It could not be much water, it has been a dry summer; but I after watching a few photograph in Internet I decided that it was going to take the risk. The path goes parallel by the creek and when start walking I was very disappointed; the creek was dry, only a few puddles were visible. However, I continued walking forward and after crossing a small lock I found some water in the creek. And when I arrived at the “Gorg de la Sort” I was able to capture this photograph.

I don’t know if my fortune had something to do with the pool’s name with literally means ‘The Pool of Luck”; or my persistence on trying to win against the odds. I always thought that we have to go out and find our own luck. What do you think about it? Are you a lucky enough?

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