Costa Brava (Cadaqués, Catalonia)

The Costa Brava is a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, in the Girona province. It an amazing place to visit; in summer you can enjoy the sun, beaches, refreshing dips in crystal-clear water, nature, and relaxing strolls along the coast.

A few days ago I was visiting the beautiful town of Cadaqués; it is not big and after taking a few photos I decided to go to Portlligat, another fishermen town famous because Dali lived there.

I took a coastal footpath that goes through The Costa Brava, the views were amazing; it’s a great way to discover vertiginous cliffs, charming beaches, small coves and other unmissable coastal spots. After walking for a few kilometers I found a secluded tiny beach and I decided to take a refreshing dip, and chill out. I was alone, the sound of the sea was all that could be hear. It was priceless experience.

This was my first time visiting Cadaquès and the surroundings. The main excuse was that it is far for home. However, a friend told me that if you don’t have to take an airplane to get to your destination, then your destination is not that far. I guess, that I must agree with her; visiting Cadaquès is worth of a three hours trip by car and more.

Have you ever visit the Costa Brava? Which is your favorite beach? Let us know!

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