Brotons Mill (Moià, Catalonia)

I was looking for a new place to visit with my camera when I found about Brotons Mill. I was really surprised to see how close to my home it is, that I decided to visit it even with a not very promising weather report. It was a cold day, and the clouds were thick. It looked like it was going to start raining but only a few tiny droplets found their path to the ground.

The mill it’s also know as Tosca Mill because of the waterfall on the left of the photo. It’s located in The Marfà Valley, in Moia, the capital of the recently created Moianès “comarca” –something similar to a county–.

It was constructed in 1608 in a landscape of great beauty taking advantage of the natural hollow space dug by water erosion. And it was producing flour till 1863 when an unprecedented flood tragically ends with the life of the miller and his family.

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