Serra dels Bufadors II (Catalonia)

This is another photo from my last year’s trip to La Serra dels Bufadors, a mountain range located near Santa Maria de Besora in Catalonia.

This is a unique place with a fragile micro-ecosystem. At some point, the mountain cracked and split apart, creating a corridor between the peaks. When you enter the corridor, you feel like you have been transported to a different place, with different weather, different vegetation, and different trees than the ones in the surrounding areas.

This particular photo was taken in the middle of corridor, the walls are tall here and the trees are growing as much as they can to catch the light. It’s curios the different between the two walls: one of them is completely covered by moss, and the other is not. This is because the sun didn’t catch on of the sides, not even in summer.

There are many holes in the soil; passing them we could feel air escaping from the earth and, sometimes, we could hear the air whistles inside. The whistling noise is where the name Bufadors (“blowers” in Catalan) comes from. Many of the principal holes have been explored by speleologists. However, because of the unstable terrain and the danger that it represents, the interest in studying and exploring them has decreased. On this website, you can see the vast inner world that can be found underground.

Check the next video for more photos and footage from my trip. I welcome your comments!


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