Rupit i Pruït (Catalonia)

I took this photo almost a year ago; it was early in the morning, and I was on my way to the nearby Salt de Sallet, a beautiful waterfall not far from the medieval town of Rupit i Pruït. I planned to get there before the sun was too high, but when I was leaving the town, I turned back for an instant, and I saw this beautiful panorama. I felt compelled to stop, and after looking at the old buildings for a few seconds, I grabbed my camera and took this photograph.

Rupit i Pruït is located in the Collsacabra region, not far from Barcelona. If you have the opportunity to visit, make sure to do so. You will be able to see 16th– and 17th-century houses, the baroque Church of Saint Miquel, and a hanging bridge that has become an attraction for tourists, and there are plenty of nice restaurants with traditional Catalan recipes on their menus. I recommend the Hostal Estrella—the food is delicious!

If you are still hungry, you can stop by the Forn de Pa l’Era, an excellent bakery where you can buy bread cooked in a wooden oven or the delicious Coca de Forner (baker’s cake); this cake is a must. It’s also a good place to buy  traditional Catalan lunchmeats like the delicious “llangonises”.

Here are a few more photos from that day:

Rupit (Catalonia)Carrer del Fossar (Fossar Street)
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Rupit’s Natural Stone Street (Catalonia)
Carrer del Fossar (Fossar Street)
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Rupit’s Hanging Bridge (Catalonia)
Rupit’s Hanging Bridge
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Have you ever visited Rupit and Pruït? Let me know what you think about this beautiful town.

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