A Narrow Alley in Le Mans (France)

I didn’t travel a lot in the past few months, but working for my company provides me the opportunity to visit Le Mans at least once a year for the famous car race ‘The 24 Hours du Mans.” I didn’t have much time to spend with the camera, but I was happy to visit the old town, known as Cité Plantagenet, one more time.

I visited it at night with some friends and it was amazing to see how different it looks compared to when seen in daylight. We ended up visiting a part of the city I hadn’t seen in my previous visits and discovered new hidden places around the old streets, like this narrow alley.

Unlike other medieval quarters in France, the Cité Plantagenet is completely separate from the modern part of the city. Walking through its narrow streets, you can see stone houses with intricate details, timbered buildings, and the lovely slate roofs common to this area of France.

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