Door Down To Earth

This week I would like to show you another photograph from my recent visit to Castellcir. I took this shot from the main entrance of this medieval castle. When I first arrived, I looked around and was caught up in the amazing view.

Immediately, I realized two things; I wanted to take a photo from that landscape at sunset (By the way, I’m planning to process and make that photograph ready to show to you in the next days), and that I wanted another shot from inside the castle clearly showing the high position the castle was built upon.

I arrived there almost by sunset and the sun was at the same altitude as us, giving me the opportunity to capture this second door of light at the same height as the real door.

It is amazing to see how worn down all the floor stones are after 1,000 years of sun, wind, and use.

I already add this photo into the wallpapers, so you are free to download it at any time.

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