Lake of Banyoles (Catalonia)

I recently visited this beautiful lake, named after the nearby town of Banyoles. It’s located in the Province of Girona, and it’s the largest natural lake in Catalonia. Completing an entire lap around it takes some time; the shore is about 9 kilometers long and it has a length of 2.150 meters. The average depth is about 15 meters, with a maximum of 62 meters at some points.

I must say that I have a great time there. I started walking early in the morning with a thin blanket of storm clouds in the sky. However, at some point, the sun started to shine, awarding us this beautiful blue sky.

The lake is well known for rowing, kayaking, and swimming, but there is also a nice trail around it for those who enjoy activities like walking, running, or cycling. It is also the home of many protected vegetative and animal species, so it has a great ecological interest.

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