Wooden Bridge, Riera de Martinet, Aiguafreda (Catalonia)

I took this photo more than a year ago in La Riera de Martinet (Martinet’s Creek) in Catalonia. At that time, I didn’t like how the photograph looks and I decided not to publish it. However, this week I started playing with the new Aurora HDR 2018; I truly enjoy what I can accomplish with some of the new features, and with little time! Who knows, maybe I’m going to change my mind, and I finally show you a few other unpublished photos in the next weeks. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

This creek is in Aiguafreda limits, a small village near the Montseny Natural Park. At that point, a wooden bridge allows you to cross the tiny water stream. It’s a lovely place to visit, and if you do that on weekends It’s also a place for calm and relaxation. However, I visited at midweek and when I started to pay attention to the forest sounds it was also easy to hear heavy tracks from a nearby highway. But the day was starting, I took this photograph just before the sunrise and I continued walking deeper into the mountains. A great place to enjoy nature!

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