Salt de Sallent, Rupit i Pruït (Catalonia)

It’s curious how a moment of happiness and excitement can turn into a moment of sadness and despair… Yesterday I started the day early, I got my car, I drove about an hour, and I finally walk the 3 kilometers from Rupit to this beautiful “Salt de Sallent” waterfall just in time to see the sunrise, everything perfect. After taking a few shoots I got back to the Rupit Creek and at some point, my camera tripod lost grid and camera ended right at the bottom of the creek. The good news is that I could recovery all the photograph; and who knows… maybe it is time to renew my gear!

The Salt of Sallent is one of the largest waterfalls in Catalonia, at this point the Rupit Creek falls around 100 meters on this vertical stone wall that divides the Collsacabra region, from Les Guilleries. Both areas are great those that enjoy nature, and want to disconnect from daily life.

By the way, I’m looking forward to replace my camera, and go back to this area to properly complete my trip. And if I’m lucky, I will see this waterfall at its best. Long time ago, I visited this area with my parents after a period of heavy rains, it was an impressive spectacle.


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