Castell De La Popa (Stern Castle)

A few days ago, I started looking for interesting places to visit. I was surprised when I found the Castle of Cir relatively close to my home. Judging by photographs, it was an interesting place to visit.

The castle is known as “Castell de la Popa” (in English “Stern Castle”) for the curios rock formation where it was built. Some says it looks like a ship’s stern and others even see a face on the rock. It is located next to the village of Castellcir, Catalonia. It is not known when it was exactly built, but in the year 1014, it was documented as “Castell Cir” for the first time. Before that, it appears in other documents with the name of “Castell de Tenes.”

Today, it is almost in ruins. But the other side of the castle, the main building and some other parts of the walls, is still intact. The building that you can see from this photograph is the Sant Martí of the rock chapel. There are several legends concerning this castle but the most famous is involves a secret tunnel to a distant tower named “Torrassa” where a large lamb statue made of gold was buried.

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