Path Between Trees (Santa Pau, Catalonia)

Yesterday I was visiting the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, in Catalonia. After some crazy days, with constant political news about the situation in our country I wanted to use the first day of the new born Catalan Republic to cold down my brain, and get some peace of mind while enjoying nature.

My first option was to visit the “Fageda d’en Jordà”, which is one of my favorite places in the world. However, when I was almost there, I decided to change my mind and try something new. I followed a nearby circular route that passes through the Croscat Volcano, to Santa Margarida Volcano.

I still have a lot of photograph to process, meanwhile I wanted to share with you this photo. It’s from my way out of Santa Margarida crater. As soon as I arrived there I got mesmerized for the nice path surrounded by trees, the sun light breaking between their leaves, and the calm and serenity of the place.

By the way, I almost forgot to tell you about the day’s anecdote. During the walk, I crossed and old farm, and I was shocked to find a vending machine in a place like that. It made myself think of an old Catalan saying: ‘Els Catalans de les pedres en fem pans” (Catalans make bread from stones). That comes to say that from nothing, we can build something. I really love the entrepreneurship, and self-improvement spirit that life in our country.

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