Medieval Town of Pals (Catalonia)

In the last few months I already published a few photos from Pals, but I feel like publishing this one as well. This medieval village is amazing; with many beautiful and tempting spots to stop, enjoy the moment, and take a picture from a place that seems to stand still in time.

Pals is located in the North-Est of Catalonia, in the Girona Province, and it is just ten kilometers away from one of the largest beaches in the Costa Brava. So, if you ever visit this region do not forget to spend some time in Pals, it is a safe bet.

The historic center grows from the top of a hill providing an amazing viewpoint from which can be seen the fields of Empordà, and the Medes Islands on a clear day. There is a lot to see: a Romanesque tower build between the 11th and 13th century, a restored Gothic Quarter with cobbled streets, the walls of the city with some towers from the 4th century, the church… Ready to visit Pals? You will not be disappointed.

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