Inside Tossa de Mar Walls (Girona, Catalonia)

Somedays ago I was decided to capture a nice sunrise in the nearby beaches of Tossa de Mar. After that, I went to visit the historical center and walk around the walled-in Old Town.

It was early in the morning, a cold winter day without nobody on the streets. I had the full village by myself, which is an amazing fact if you compare it with a warm summer day. When the streets are full of tourists willing to enjoy the sun on the nearby beach and discover the beautiful and picturesque corners of this medieval town.

Tossa de Mar is located in the Costa Brava region; it is not far from Girona, and Barcelona. It is also the only remaining fortified medieval town still standing in the Catalan coast. The current layout dates back the 14th century, with battlemented stone walls, four turrets and three cylindrical towers with parapets. Walking around the narrow and cobblestoned streets of the Old Town was a nice and relaxing experience; I truly enjoyed my time there.

Do you like to visit medieval towns? I quite sure that you would love this one, it is a safe bet.

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