Fageda de la Grevolosa (Catalonia)

La Grevolosa it is one of the most spectacular beech wood forests in Catalonia; it is located in Sant Pere de Torelló, in the Barcelona province. It’s not large but some of the trees have more than 300 years of history, a height of more than 40 meters, and a diameter of more than 1 meter.

I got there early in the morning on a weekday, there was nobody around, and it was the perfect time to enjoy the peacefulness of the forest. After taking a few photographs I sat and relax near to a tiny creek. It was a pleasure to listen the flow of the water mixed with the songs of the birds; it brings to me pleasant memories from another trip to a different beech wood that ended up with me and a friend standing in the middle of a footbridge listening to the flow of the water in Besalú.

Have you ever been in a forest as old as this one?

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