Calanque de Port-Miou (Cassis, France)

A few days ago, I was working the Paul Ricard Circuit, near the “Côte d’Azur.” After the races, I spent two days on my own in the area. The “Calanques” are one of the wonders of the region; large sea inlets found in a range of 20 km between the city of Cassis and Marseille.

This particular one is called “Calanque de Port Miou”; it is very long and narrow and thus was suitable for establishing a marina. This image captures the serene inlet opening. Further down, the 1.5 km inlet offers mooring for over 500 boats.

I highly recommend visiting this area. I visited around summer and found plenty of tourists and good weather. However, if you are hoping to capture photos without many tourists in the image, I suggest visiting during the fall or spring.


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