Roques Encantades III (Catalonia)

This time of year, I like to review all of my unpublished photos and pull out a few winners. In this case, I chose this image from last summer’s visit to “Les Roques Encantades” (The Enchanted Rocks).

This is a magical forest—always quiet, with huge boulders living in harmony with the beech trees. It’s also a place of many legends; most of them were born during medieval times when the area was shaken by several earthquakes and some of these rocks ended up in the nearby town of Sant Feliu de Pallerols. Some peasants believe that they had been cursed and others thought it was a demon throwing rocks at them.

If you have the opportunity to visit Catalonia, be sure to stop by this forest. It is one of the hidden places not many people know about, but it is the perfect place for a hike. The forest is located on the Girona province, near “El Santuari de la Salut” (Health Sanctuary), and not far from the beautiful Rupit medieval town, in the Collsacabra region.

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