Fire (A New Photo Project)

I was sitting on a sofa looking for a good idea; I wanted to start a new photo project to keep me busy during the year. It was a cold day, and the fireplace was working hard to keep me warm. Suddenly, I had a moment of inspiration; the answer was close, the main theme for the new project was “fire.”

Fire is older than humans and it has been around us ever since. We use it to warm us, to cool, to light us, and it is used in a large number of festivities around the world.

To begin the project I did not have to go far, the fireplace was a great spot to start illustrating the relationship between fire and heat. In the next days, I will be publishing more photos from the session, but I decided to let you know about this project with this colorful macro that I simply titled “Embers:”

As usual you can download this photo as wallpaper right here.  However, if you wish to have a printed copy, canvas or mounted metallic print, you can check our online store.

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