Carpe Diem (Barcelona, Catalonia)

I took this photo during a morning stroll that I take from the Olympic Port in Barcelona to La Barceloneta, a nice neighborhood at the seashore. This part of the city is full clubs and restaurants. Therefore, when I first saw this colorful “Carpe Diem” sign, I was not sure what it was. But it caught my eye and I knew I wanted to shoot it.

When I got home, I did a brief search on Internet and discovered “The Carpe Diem” is a restaurant and lounge club; and judging by the reviews, I found the perfect place to have fun and a great meal.

You can also see the Hotel Arts Tower, with steel armor around it, and the Mapfre tower in the background. Both are an identical height of 154 meters and were constructed around 1992, just before the Barcelona Olympic Games. In fact, the Hotel Arts is part of La Barceloneta district, but the Mapfre tower was constructed as a part of the Olympic Village of Poblenou.

You can also notice the odd form of “El Peix D” (The Golden Fish) in front of the Hotel Arts; it is a large metal sculpture designed by Frank Gehry.

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