Autumn in the Enchanted Rocks (Catalonia)

Early this week, I was visiting ‘Les Roques Encantades’ (The Enchanted Rocks), an amazing place that is located on the Girona province, near the Health Sanctuary in the Collsacabra region.

This is one of my favorite places; somehow I always have been attracted by the calm feeling that comes from the forest. When I’m there it is easy for me to sit, relax, and let my always busy mind take a break from daily worries.

The Enchanted Rocks are surrounded by this beautiful beech forest. I was there hooping the capture the fall colors. Last year, I miss my opportunity for a few days and when I arrived there all the leaves were already in the ground. However, this year the trees were not fully changed but there were yellow tones all over the place.

Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons for visiting forests. Is it the same for you? Which is your favorite season?

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