Pont del Diable (Tarragona, Catalonia)

I recently visited El Pont del Diable (Devil’s Bridge), an amazing Roman Aqueduct also known by the name of “El Aqüeducte de les Ferreres” with more than two thousand years of history. It is not far from Tarragona, in fact, this aqueduct was used to get water from the nearby Francolí river to Tarraco, the ancient roman city.

I must say that is much bigger that I thought at the first glance. I got there by north side of the bridge, just in time to see the sunrise. After taking some pictures, this one included, I cross it from above and when I was in the middle I looked down and I started to understand it’s dimensions. However, it wasn’t till I got at the bottom of it, standing in from of one of the arches that I truly realize how vast it is. The aqueduct has a length of 249 meters, and in the center, it has a maximum height of 27 meters.

Do you want to follow the Roman steps in Catalonia? If you like the idea I recommend you to make a visit to Tarragona and check the multiple remains that Romans left in Tarraco.

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