A Window to The Mediterranean Sea, Altafulla (Catalonia)

Last week I visited Altafulla almost by chance. The night before, I was doing a quick review on my Instagram feed when I got drown by a nice picture of sea front houses of this small town.

I did a little research on Internet, the village was not far, and more important it seems to me like the perfect location to take pictures. Besides the sea front know as “Baixamar” it was also the beautifully preserved old quarter crowned by the Castle of Altafulla, and the remains of the Roman Villa of Els Munts to visit.

I was looking forward to see the sunrise from the beach and I arrived there a few minutes before the dawn. I parked my car just a few meters from the beach, and when I was getting out of it I saw this magnificent window to The Mediterranean Sea.  The colors on the sky were gourgeous, I noticed the textures on the eroded walls, and the puddles on that nice stone pavement. I could also feel the calmness of the place mixed with the familiar smell the sea; therefore I got no other option than grab my camera and take the first picture of the day.

As I said, it was my  first visit to Altafulla but I would not mind to repeat it. It is close to Tarragona, and I still have to visit the remains of the Roman Villa. Meanwhile, I will also have to find some time to edit, and share with you the rest of the photos I toke that morning. After all, this was just the first photo of the day.

Have you ever been in Altafulla? I bet that you would love it.

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