Nanxiang Ancient Town (Shanghai, China)

Recently I assisted on a race in Shanghai. I didn’t have time to visit the city during the day, but I was lucky: our hotel was located close to the Nanxiang Ancient Town in the Jiading District. Walking those old streets at night was like being sent back in time; I greatly enjoyed those night walks.

The old houses, the small bridges, and the water canals create an amazing combination. The only downsides were some dirt on the water and many disorganized power cables from air conditioner units. Luckily, post-production can do wonders.

I would also like to emphasize the amazing Jiading Fahua Pagoda Tower, which you can see reflected in the water on the left side of the photo. The Tower was constructed during the Song Dynasty between 1205 and 1207. It is a square brick and wood structure with seven stories and a total height of 40.8 meters.


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