Pont del Diable (Ferreres Aqueduct, Tarragona)

I was looking into my old photographs when I found this sunrise from last year in Les Ferreres Aqueduct or el Pont del Diable (Devil’s Bridge), an ancient Roman monument with almost 2000 years of history near Tarragona, in the south of Catalonia.

I don’t know about you but I always loved forests and ancient architecture; having the opportunity to enjoy both of them at the same place was awesome. In fact, I’m thinking about visiting it again.

However, right now I’m so hungry that I don’t know if I want to enjoy the views one more time; or to pay a visit to a nearby restaurant located in an old modernist guard house, and order some “patatas bravas”.

The last time we were there with some friends we had a great time wolfing down this traditional Spanish dish, the sauce was amazing! The waiter told us that they use aromatic herbs from the nearby forest to prepare it.

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