Nanxiang Ancient Town at Night (Shanghai, China)

Nanxiang Ancient Town is located in the Jiading District in the city of Shanghai. It’s a beautiful place to visit, but it’s also, curious because during the days we spent in the area, we didn’t see any other occidental tourists.

This part of the city is quite old, and walking around the ancient streets and canals at night was a great experience. There were plenty of small, beautiful bridges, and the mixture of ancient houses and new houses with the traditional look was amazing.

It also has a number of small shops. If you get hungry, the best option is to get some xiaolongbao, one of the best known snacks in China, which has become a symbol of Shanghai. Legend says that a street vendor in Nanxiang invented the snack in the late 19th century. According to the locals, if you want to get the best ones, you have to visit the Gulong restaurant.

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