Over the past few years, I have been working to create stunning images with my camera. Art photography is something I truly love and I would like to share with you. To explore my images further, please:

    • Visit our galleries to view our highlight images. Each image is available to be ordered as a print to decorate your home, office, or any space.
    • Download our wallpapers. They are completely free and ready to download in any screen resolution you can need. They are available for laptops, monitors, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Visit our “articles & tips” section to learn how to shoot like a professional.

Yours sincerely,
Marc G.C.

Fine Art Photography Galleries

This website is all about creative photography. I have always found that I can express my perceptions and emotions through the lens of my camera.

My favorite subjects are abstract photography, contemporary still life photography shoots, liquids captured using high-speed photography techniques and recently I have been delving into the world of HDR (High Dynamic Range), which produces great images for both home and office decoration. Another recurrent element in my work is water; something as common as water is fascinating and inspiring to me and I try to photograph it in any form.

Do You Need to Redecorate Your Home?

Photographs as décor are a great solution for a wide variety of environments. Photographs are capable of transmitting feelings, emotions, and memories. A room decorated with photographs says much about who you are – they describe us while making significant visual impacts.

Photographic prints are a contemporary alternative to paintings. Photographs contain a large amount of detail and our memories can flow through them quite easily.

Although decorating with family photos in which we are groomed and well-dressed is very common, why not go for something more original? In our galleries, you will find photos that will provide a radical shift in the decor of your home.
You will find all the information about our products in our “Prints” section.

Photography Articles and Tutorials

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Sometimes I receive questions about how I create my photographs; are they truly captured images or photo manipulations? Well, I can ensure you that other than HDR shots, the rest of the images are shot directly with only minor adjustments done in postproduction.

If you want to learn more about general photography, and as well as my techniques, read my fine art photography articles.

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Free HD Wallpapers

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Do you want to decorate your computer, smartphone, or tablet? Fine art photography can be as good for your laptop as it is for your home or office walls. I will frequently provide you with new wallpapers available as free downloads. They are available in different high-quality resolutions for your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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